Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I've been (mostly) resisting any urges to post politically themed rants or links, because I assume that most of you who read this fall into one or more of these categories:

1.  You're already familiar with the information, and you likely agree with most of the points I'd try to make.

2.  You may or may not be familiar with the information, but you've already made up your mind and are unlikely to be swayed by anything I can say.

3.  You aren't an American citizen, so you can't vote in our elections, anyway.

...But I have (of course) been following the news and watching the debates, because I think the upcoming election is extremely important. So, even though it's essentially pointless, I may still occasionally spout political opinions (even as I gradually cease "following" people whose own repeated political comments have driven my blood pressure through the roof for the last time)...

I may mention (belatedly) that during the VP debate, Biden's insane grin and (rudely interruptive) laughing reminded me of the Joker long before I heard anyone else say so. ;o)

I may growl about Obama's ill-earned smug self-satisfaction.  ("UGH.  Someone pass me a barf-bag!  I may be about to break my decades(?)-long no-barf streak*...")

I may question who was responsible for selecting Candy Crowley. (I'm sure I could find out, but why bother?  The damage-- if any-- is done, and it was predictable.  I just don't get why the Republicans can't fight a little harder to get a more neutral moderator!)

* I honestly don't remember the last time I "got sick".  (Um, sorry to those of you with weak stomachs...)  I'm pretty sure it was before the teen years...  This long absence of cookie-tossing has been a blessing and a curse.  ;o)  A blessing, because-- well, that should be obvious.  A curse, because it's been so long that I now have a special horror of it and know that my "streak" can only last so long.  All good things must come to an end.  (g)  Weird things, too-- like this post.