Saturday, January 5, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (1/52)

I just saw this idea on someone else's blog (where she mentioned that she'd found it on another blog, via another blog, etc.), and it struck a chord. 

52 Weeks of Happy:
Every week of the year, write a post mentioning four things that made you happy.  They don't have to be big things; they don't have to be momentous things.  Just four things, each week, that made you happy.  (Photos or other illustrations are a plus.)

It seems like a good way to make yourself stop and appreciate the happiness in life. 

Since I just now saw this idea (and it's too dark/I'm too lazy to get up and scramble for photos right now), I'll have to do my best to muddle through for the first week-- without photos.

1.  Trixie lying in my lap.  She wasn't invited-- but as far as she's concerned, there's a standing invitation, so she doesn't let that stop her!  She doesn't do it that often (and if she did, it might become a nuisance), but this time she came purposefully of her own volition-- and it was pleasant to be cozied up with a warm Eskimo dog who so obviously wanted my attention.  Silly, sweet little dog!

2.  Working on my current crochet afghan.   I found out I wasn't so far along in it as I'd thought, but that's fine.  There's no deadline-- another happy thing. (g)  I always enjoy making motifs, playing around with color combinations, and getting into the rhythm of a memorized pattern. 

3. Sleeping in this morning.  I'm not always (or even usually) a "sleeping-in" person.  I tend to wake and want to get up right away (though I can and do get sleepy again later on), but occasionally it's nice to drowse, luxuriate in the warmth of bed, and retreat to just the outskirts of Dreamland...  (I really needed to catch up on some sleep, after waking up far too early on Friday!)

4. Playing Dominion: Prosperity with Donald.  It's always fun playing games with Donald-- who is simply the best game-playing partner a girl could hope for! :o)-- and breaking in a new one, like this, is extra-fun.  Especially because it was just "new enough".  We already knew most of the rules, since this is an expansion of a game we've had a while.  The differences were enough to make it interesting, but not so much that we had to struggle with a new set of rules.