Saturday, January 26, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (4/52)

Four Things That Made Me Happy This Week: 

1.  Good deals.
This week brought good deals on clothing, decorative plants for the garden, thrift-store sweaters for felting and unraveling, and more.  Finding a bargain is always a mood-lifter!

2.  Making progress on the afghan.
I'm still not finished-- just not putting in enough crochet-time every evening for that-- but I did finish attaching all the whole hexagons, and I'm on to crocheting in the 10 half-hexagons I need to even out two sides of the blanket.  It sometimes feels like I'm crawling on this project, but the end is in sight.

3.  Open windows.
Three days this weeks, the weather has been warm and nice enough for us to open some of the windows.  Having them open again has literally been a breath of fresh air!  (Downside: Trixie barks noticeably more when the windows are open, because she can hear more little noises/dogs barking/etc.)

4.  Rediscovering music.
The mp3-player surprised me by playing some music that I hadn't listened to for a long while.   ("The North Wind Blew South", by Headless Heroes, for instance.)  I'm glad to be reminded.  I think it's time to rearrange the contents of the mp3-player, one of these days.