Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ugh. (Political)

"White House Releases Letters from Little Kids Pleading for Gun Control"

As usual, a classy move from a classy administration.
That's not cheap or manipulative at all.

Clearly, we're supposed to weep and wail.  "The children!  THE CHILDREN are asking for gun control!  Out of the mouths of babes... or something..."

I won't say that there should be no changes at all, but if people can't see this for what it is-- "never letting a crisis go to waste"-- scurrying to take advantage of raw emotions in the wake of tragedy-- they're just not paying attention.

Personally, I wonder how all these kids heard about the shooting, to begin with... Most young children don't watch or pay attention to the news, and I think that if I were a parent, I'd try to shield a young child from this kind of thing, as much as possible.  What I'm saying is this: I wonder if a single one of those kids wrote his or her letter without being prompted to do so by an adult.   

From the article:  "The White House appears not to have released a single letter to the AP in opposition to President Obama's gun proposal."