Friday, February 1, 2013

31/365 - Hand Saw

31/365 - Hand Saw

I've started clearing out some unwanted volunteer plants (small trees, privet) that have grown outside the eastern side of our fence-- as well as a few a little further up the easement that were blocking the view from our driveway.   (This, after months if not years of thinking "I really ought to do something about that!" every time I had to crane my neck to see if someone was coming before pulling out into the "road".  Why put off until next year what you can do today, right?)

A (relatively) little at a time is the way to go, because I'd rather err on the side of caution than risk repeating whatever it was I did a couple of years ago that annoyed my back so much.  Weeks of horrible back pain?  Once was enough. 

Anyway, this cheap, little hand saw is surprisingly effective against small trees too big for the loppers to handle.  It's also surprising how much difference there is between the difficulty of cutting through an oak versus a popcorn tree or pine.  They don't call it "hardwood" for nothing!

(P.S.  I'm a day late posting this.  Shoot!  I almost made it through at least a month of posting each photo on the day it was taken.  Oh well.  I did take the photo yesterday, though-- just forgot about it until after the computer was off for the day.)