Saturday, February 2, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (5/52)

Four Things That Made Me Happy This Week: 

1.  The safe arrival of a new baby in the family.
Baby Matthew was born on Monday (I believe).  He's the son of my cousin Jonathan and his wife, Lindsey, which would make him... my first cousin once removed?  (I think... (g))  He's the first grandchild for my aunt and uncle and only the second great-grandchild (first boy) for my grandparents. 

2.  Scented wax.
I received an electric wax melter for Christmas and have been enjoying it ever since.  I love the fact that you can just turn it on and off without bothering with matches or candles-- and since there's no open flame, it's safer to use than my old tea-light wax melters.  The "Scent of the Week" at our house was Pure White Woods (by Better Homes & Gardens-- probably available at your local Walmart (g)). 

3.  Completing the afghan.
I'm so glad it's done!!  Now I want to start something else-- of course-- but I've been giving my hand a little bit of a rest first.  I think I may have tired it out with all that sawing on Thursday... (I was clearing some unwanted trees and shrubs just outside our yard.)

4.  The Last of the Dr. Pepper.
Yes, I've been drinking colas again-- since the holiday season or so.  I plan to (at least temporarily) kick the can again, because all that extra sugar isn't going to help me lose weight and be healthier-- but in the meantime, gosh, Dr. Pepper is just so good!  I'm savoring these last few cans.  ;o)