Saturday, February 9, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (6/52)

Four Things That Made Me Happy This Week: 

1.  Getting "stuff" done in the yard.
There's still tons more to do, but we're making some progress.  We've dealt with the drainage for the sink in the garage.  We did a little more leveling of the soil around the garage-- which also involved hauling it around in the wheelbarrow and filling in holes and dips around the property.  I pulled out a couple of shrubs that didn't survive a transplant last year-- and then replaced one of them.  We made a few plans for what needs to happen next.  ...And more.  I need to keep the momentum going into next week, if possible.

2.  Waking to the sound of rain on the roof.
Not a heavy, stormy, please-don't-blow-the-roof-off rain.  No thunder that requires getting out of bed to unplug things.  And at an early enough hour that you don't have to get up and go about the day, yet, but can wake just enough to enjoy that cozy sound, snuggle deeper under the covers, and drift back to sleep.

3.  Flowers opening up.
As much as I complain about summer, no-one's complete immune to those first signs of summer.  Flowers and new green leaves popping up around the garden are things to enjoy.  (I only wish the weeds and wasps wouldn't be coming back, too.)

4.  Homemade chicken soup.
I could probably make it even better, next time, but it was still pretty good, I thought, and certainly healthier and more frugal than the store-bought, canned kind.