Tuesday, February 26, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (8/52)

I'm beginning to reconsider this whole (self-imposed) "writing assignment"... But since I'm already here, and because "better late than never" still holds true (I guess)...

Four Things That Made Me Happy This Last Week:

1.  A family get-together on Saturday.
It had been a while (Christmas) since I'd seen many of them, and in the meantime there had been a new addition to the family (Matthew).  I'm using the get-together as my excuse for why I didn't get around to writing this on Saturday, by the way.

2.  Getting to see another year (i.e. turning a year older).
Well, at least I'm trying to look at it positively.  Once we're past our late teens/early twenties, most of us decide that we'd just as soon not continue aging.  But since getting older is better than the alternative (as they say (g))... On the plus side, I was spoiled with gifts.  ;o)  (Thank you again, those of you reading!)

3.  Kicking the ants out of our yard.
I know, it's a weird one for this list... but the truth is, I'm having a hard time remembering specific things from last week... Unless you want to hear about gifts-- crochet books, wax melts, etc.  (g) 

Last week, I put out the second round of ant poison.  (Yes, "kicking them out of the yard" is a euphemism for... heartlessly poisoning them.  Sorry, but you just can't reason with ants.)  The first time around didn't entirely knock them all out, so a few new beds had popped up around the lawn.  I hope that this next effort keeps them at bay for a bit longer. 

4.  Yummy pizza.  
Donald brought home a birthday pizza from Vitoli's.  (I've mentioned them on one of these lists before.  Also: A "birthday pizza" is just like a regular pizza, only it arrives on your birthday so that you don't have to bother about supper.  Highly recommended! ;o))  It was absolutely delicious, as always.  Now I need to get outside, this week, and work off some of the extra calories!  Both the yard and my waistline would benefit.