Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three Things

1.  I have given up on the 52 Weeks of Happy project.  The remaining however-many weeks of the year will have to settle for Ho-Hum.  ;o)  Ok, ok.  But really-- what I learned from my attempt at 52WoH is that... having one more "assignment" / "obligation" does not make me happy.  Which sort of defeats the purpose of 52WoH.  Which is why I called it off.  (Now, if I could just call off some of the other things that make me Not Happy... like having to clean the bathrooms, for instance...)

2.  Project 365 is still on!  (Believe it or not.)  The photos are all taken, and I don't even think I've missed one (yet).  Many of them are still sitting in the camera, waiting.  ...Oops.  However, one of these days I will process and post them all.  I might even get back into the habit of uploading them in a (slightly more) timely manner. 

3.  Google Reader is going away forever!!!  (Welp, that's it.  It's official.  Google really is Evil.)  I, obviously (or else I wouldn't care one way or the other), am among the apparently dwindling number of loyal users. We have until July to make other arrangements.  The only good thing about this is that maybe it will make me finally get my messy collection of RSS feeds under control.  (Maybe.)  No, but seriously, if I haven't read a given blog in two or three years, I'll definitely at least consider unsubscribing from it. 

Actually, truth be told, I'm kind of looking forward to doing some spring cleaning in the ol' blogroll. Getting it back in hand.  Teaching it who's boss.  Taking it to task.  I'm definitely in "organize and purge" mode, around the house, lately (and goodness knows I need to be).  A little tidying up on the computer wouldn't hurt, either.  Selecting and familiarizing myself with another RSS reader, on the other hand... not looking forward to that.