Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project 365 Update

You may have noticed that I've changed the way I'm updating this blog.  Honestly, I've been considering just closing down the whole thing and asking anyone interested to follow along on Flickr (or Ravelry, or one of the two blogs I still actually update), since I never write anything here, any more, but... I guess I'll leave it alone for now. 

I'm still trying to take photos for Project 365, though I've missed another day here and there and just taken "make-up photos" to fill in the gaps.  Now that I'm a month behind posting the photos, though, I'm going to take an easy route to catching up. To save time and trouble, I'll just share the photos through Flickr's built-in sharing function.  The result isn't as pretty as if I took the trouble to post them as I had been doing, but it sure is a lot easier.  If you want to see the photos larger, I recommend just heading over to Flickr to do so.  (These latest photos should have links, and there's always the link in the sidebar, of course.) 

...That's all.  Back to our regularly scheduled never-posting-anything-but-photos.