Monday, January 27, 2014


(Hello, random post out of nowhere!)

I tried not to get my hopes up for snow, this time, because last time they were oh-so-sure we were probably going to get snow, it failed to appear.  Evidently, I didn't do a good enough job of hope-suppression, though, because I'm disappointed that (at this moment) they're saying it'll probably be "wintery mix"... or sleet and freezing rain and maybe a few flurries.  Ok, maybe there'll still be snow, but it'll be ten miles to our north.  ;o) 

I'm charging the cameras, and I'll take photos of whatever we see.  Probably just ice, if anything.  Oh boy.  *sigh*

Apparently, The Weather Channel has named this weather event "Winter Storm Leon".  ...Leon?  Really?  I'm sure they have some system behind the names they assign, but... Leon?  I'm offended.  (I'm not really offended.  Just humorously miffed.)  The Northeast gets storms named Hercules and Janus.  The names of ancient pagan gods and/or demigods for every snow storm that blows through-- the kind of storms that Real Northerners would've yawned at, back before the media ushered in its Age of Hype and Hysterics.  (I was going to make fun of the goofy names, back when Janus was still around, but everyone else in the world beat me to the punch.)

So-- to get back to my point-- Northeastern storms are crowned with colossal names.  And yet, upon the approach of the first potentially significant winter weather event we've had in decades, the Gulf Coast gets measly little "Leon"-- reminiscent of that guy who gets his kicks hanging out at the local gas station for an hour or two in the mid-morning.  (No offense, all you Leons out there.)

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Northern snow storms are bigger and badder than ours-- but I defy any Northerner to provide a more dramatic (and entertaining) reaction to snow than your average born-and-bred Southerner.  We treat every single pathetic little melting flurry like the miracle it is, y'all.  We make snowflakes feel like "special snowflakes". 

...Ok, maybe not all of us.  But enough of us do.  Plus we have no experience driving in snow and ice... and our cars don't have snow-tires... and our cities don't have snow-plows or sanding/salting apparatuses...

Anyway.  All this fuss, and it'll probably just turn out to be a little cold rain!  (And yes, I'll be obsessively checking until all chance of snow is past.  With cameras at the ready!)