Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We've Been...

Planting things...


Creeping Jenny

Trying to figure out exactly where we want to plant a few more things...

Knockout Rose

Building and painting a trellis for the passionflower (and some ivy, not pictured)...



Wondering what the viburnum will look like when it blooms... (No Latin name on the tag; apparently it is an "Old Fashion Snowball"-- not "old-fashioned", mind you-- but that seems to be a pretty generic name for viburnum.)


Taking note of things that still need to be done (such as touch-up re-painting our covered patio)...

Peeling Paint

...And enjoying flowers already booming, such as the first clematis:


--Weeding (but not nearly enough of it)
--Watching "our" two hummingbirds
--Listening to a mockingbird
--Transplanting a few things (Tiger lilies, etc.)
--Battling ants that have moved into our raised beds
--Watering new plants (but not fertilizing yet...)
--Planning to plant more seeds in the raised (vegetable) beds
--Giving another packet of morning glory seeds a try, since the first ones didn't make it
--Making DECISIONS regarding the garage, part of the existing fence, and future gravel paths
--Sweating outside (UGH, hot already!)
--Counting the wasps and carpenter bees with mounting annoyance and dread
--Trying to keep Luna from eating every flower within reach
--And so on!

Next time, maybe photos of the raised beds. It's fun to see the progress over the course of a season, so we need a few early-season shots... :o)