Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is it a "Lost" cause?

The writers' strike didn't really seem worth mentioning. I mean, I do watch TV, and I won't really like it if the programs I like to watch are re-runs when they're supposed to be new episodes, but I didn't think it was worth getting worked up over.

Until now. ;o)

When this TV season geared up, I wondered why I wasn't seeing trailers for the new season of "Lost". A quick google soon revealed the reason for this: new episodes of "Lost" weren't going to air until February 2008!! Kind of annoying for those of us who've been waiting months for the show to pick up again.

Well, now at least one TV gossip columnist is suggesting that if this strike lasts too long, the new episodes might not come until Fall 2008-- or worst case scenario, February 2009! I'm thinking they're going to lose some people if they keep us waiting a whole extra year. Personally, I've probably already half-forgotten some of the plot lines! (g) By February 2009 (if things don't go much better than I'm pessimistically expecting), I might not have the heart to watch silly TV programs. I'll be trying to recover from a serious case of politics-induced depression and preparing for the downfall of Western Civilization (whatever of it is still standing by then)... Or perhaps I exaggerate.

Come on, you crazy Hollywood people. Don't tell me you can't find someone else to take those writing jobs, if the strikers persist. Honestly, based on what I see on the ol' tube, these days, I'd say some of them should've been let go quite some time ago. . . ;o)