Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More YouTube Clips

Seeing how easy it is to embed clips from YouTube, I went back for more. ;o)

I think this is my very favorite episode of "Little House on the Prairie"-- "Monster of Walnut Grove". (I don't care so much for the non-humorous episodes, and I was surprised, upon seeing them again as an adult, to discover how many of them are so serious.) This is only clips from the episode, but it's better than nothing. (Though they did leave out the bit where Mr. Olsen finds "gold". Remember that, Kimberly? (g)) The music on this episode still gives me the creeps. (g)

And from that, I found this-- a voice-over parody of a LHOP scene. Be warned: it's very silly. Molly especially loved the part where Nellie "sings". ;o)

Then I found some Disney cartoon theme songs in Swedish. (g) Here are a couple of them-- "Duck Tales" and "Gummi Bears":

And last, I found the intro for "She-Ra". Considering that this was very, very cool when I was a young-un, I'm surprised at how little I remember of it. Well, I knew she held the sword in the sky and all, but most of it didn't so much bring back fond memories as, well, make me think, "Wow, this is weird." (g) (Watching a few clips of the show tended to confirm my suspicion of weirdness.)

Then, better still, I found the intro in German. (bg) "Ich bin SHE-RA!" ;o)