Monday, November 26, 2007

Slitherin' snakes!

Well, actually that ought to be in the singular-- "slitherin' snake"-- as there was only one.

Yesterday evening, Donald and I went to see what Molly was barking about so ferociously, at the back door. I assumed we'd find Daisy having another seizure (though thank goodness, I think she's fully out of the last awful cluster of them and is finally getting back to normal), but no, Daisy was standing on the porch, looking a bit concerned.

Molly, meanwhile, was just off the porch, barking angrily at something small and dark. In the twilight, I couldn't quite see what it was-- some very small animal. I thought for a moment that it was probably a dying mouse or a bird that she'd found. However, after seeing it make a couple of striking motions, I realized what it was-- just as Donald said it-- a snake! A tiny snake, but still a snake, striking repeatedly at Molly, who was crazily attacking it.

Molly completely disregarded our calls, so Donald hurried the more obedient Daisy through the back door into my care and then went out to try to get Molly by the collar. I think the snake escaped into a flower bed before Donald could get a good look at it. It might have been just a garter snake. (We see one every so often, so we know they're around.) On the other hand, it could have been just about anything!

So far (knock on wood) Molly doesn't seem to be getting sick, and she showed no sign of pain or soreness when we took her inside, after the commotion.

The barking is good-- lets us know there's something that shouldn't be there-- but I wish she would keep a safe distance, herself!

There's never a dull moment, with these dogs! ;o)