Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome to the new spot!

It's my inaugural post at the new blog! How exciting! ;o) Well, mildly interesting, at least.

I've switched the site of my on-line journal a few times, now, but this is the first time I've used a web-based system for my personal journal (though I've had a polymer clay blog for several months). I hope this will mean I'll post more often, because it is so easy to post here at Blogger. Don't be surprised, though, if my posts are also shorter than my old journal entries used to be. (Probably, that's a good thing. . .)

I think that (according to The Powers That Be) blogs are "supposed" to contain short entries (with lots of emphasis on links), while journals have longer entries and are more like traditional, paper journals in that they are text-centric. Or something like that. But I think it's silly to get too worked up over that sort of thing, so I'll just post what I feel like. If there's a long, wordy story to tell, I'll tell it in a very wordy fashion. If I have nothing but a link to share, I'll be brief.

Based on my experiences with the clay blog, I do think I blog differently than I journal. (Sorry to all of you-- any of you?-- whose linguistic sensibilities are offended by the haphazard morphing of nouns into verbs. I've long since given way, myself.) But for the few of you actually reading this, I don't think the difference will be shocking. If it is, feel free to tell me so. ;o)