Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sweden in 100 Little Pieces

I stumbled across this today:

Thank You, Sweden

It's an article from The Independent. No, not the one in Baldwin County. For those of you who even know where Baldwin County is on the map. Gee, I wonder where it could possibly be. . . ;o) Anyway, it's also apparently the name of a paper in London. Or at least it was in 1999, which was when this article was written. (With the way newspapers are going these days. . .)

The article (for those who haven't already left me to check it out. . . is there anyone still here?) is 100 bits of info-- history, pop culture, vocabulary, and other assorted trivia-- relating to Sweden. Some of it isn't anything I'd be proud of or "thankful" for, but it's still an interesting read for someone with connections to Sverige.