Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Memes

From (last week's) 3x Thursday:

1. Weather you have kids or not, if you were given a kid to take care of (say, it *had* to go to you for whatever reason), would you raise it? Why/why not?

Well, if the child "has" to go to me, I'd assume that means it has nowhere else to go. In that case, I can't imagine any decent person turning him/her away. That said, some people definitely shouldn't have children, and it's unfortunate that so many of them still do. However, I flatter myself that I'm not one of that group, so of course I'd raise the child.

Why? For starters, because it's the right thing to do.

Now, my answer might come with more hesitation if I already had a few children of my own to care for-- or if it involved an older child/teen. I would worry about how a new child might disrupt the dynamics (and finances) of my existing family. In the end, though, if the child truly had nowhere else to go, I don't think I could possibly turn it away. I imagine that most people would say the same.

2. How do you feel about pain meds? Do you like them? Do you condone the use of them for anything other than what they were prescribed for? Why/why not?

I haven't given them a great deal of thought. Of course if I'm in pain, I like being able to take something to lessen my discomfort. I might worry about possible dependence/addiction, if I had to take stronger medicines, but I'd still take them if I felt I needed them. I'd probably be cautious about taking medicine for something other than it was prescribed, but if I had a leftover pill (that wasn't out of date) and I had a flare up of pain, I think I'd take the pill. I don't think it'd do any real harm, so long as I wasn't taking them all the time-- but I'm talking one or two leftover pills, here-- not going out and getting a whole new bottle just to have on hand.

The part about "condoning" use of pain medicines for "anything other than they were prescribed for"-- seems an odd question. No, I don't think it's a good idea to abuse any drug (medicinal or not), if that's what's meant. Why not? It's risky; it puts yourself and those around you in greater danger of death. I don't like that sort of thing. ;o) However, I don't see using up a few leftover pain pills as drug abuse. (shrug)

3. What's your favorite kid movie? Why?

I'm not sure. I don't really have a favorite. I like (or did the last time I saw them) many kid movies-- animated Disney type, Pixar type. . . the old musical type (like Mary Poppins). I can't narrow it down to just one, because I like different ones for different reasons.

Really, why do I even bother with "favorites" questions? ;o) I can rarely choose a single favorite.


From The Back Porch (the Thursday Threesome):

::Classic Christmas Elves!::

Onesome: Classic-- get togethers? Is that on the list for next week, say about Thursday? ...or do you 'lone wolf' the Thanksgiving season?

Yes, there'll be a family get-together on Thursday-- possible one another day, too. There is no lone-wolfing on our major holidays. That sounds pretty sad. If we didn't have a way to see family on holidays, I'd want to come up with something else "different" to do that day-- start up a new tradition to fill the gaping void. ;o)

Twosome: Christmas-- Ready or not, here it comes! Complete with shopping and decorations and wants and needs and yeah... Are you ready for the experience? ...or does a nice South Seas cruise sound like a workable alternative?

Yes, I'm ready. Well, ready for the experience, that is. I'm nowhere near ready for the actual day, yet. (Need to get busy!) A cruise would be fun, too, but I don't really want a Christmas that doesn't feel like Christmas. Sure, it can be tiring-- and maybe I'd feel differently if I bore a heavier burden (such as preparing major meals, taking kids to 100 different holiday events, etc.)-- but it wouldn't feel like Christmas if it wasn't a little-- just a little bit hectic. Not a lot, but just a little.

Also, a cruise ship doesn't seem like the kind of place I'd like to spend Christmas. Of course, I don't live in a terribly cold, snowy place, so maybe I'm not able to fully understand the appeal of a Christmas cruise.

Threesome: Elves-- and other helpers? Do you have any lined up to assist on Thanksgiving Day? ...or to decorate in the weeks to come. ...or do you even need them?

Well, since I'm not hosting Thanksgiving, I don't need any helpers for that. (If anything, I'll ask if I can be of any help.) I'll probably decorate for Christmas without help. Donald might help with part of the tree, but apart from that, whatever decorating is done, I'll do. Sometimes I feel uninterested in decorating for holidays because there's no one to see and enjoy it but ourselves. Maybe that should be enough, but some days I'm not sure. . . (g) I'd consider having a few people over sometime in December so that I feel I have a reason to decorate, but it's already such a busy month for many people that I hate to bother them with an invitation to yet another "event"-- even if it's just a small gathering for snacks and games. We'll see. . . In any case, I think I'll always want a tree. I do like having a nicely decorated Christmas tree to admire all month.