Friday, February 1, 2008

Couple of things. . .

I read today that there is a new version of Match Game in the works. I think whether or not it's worth watching will depend mostly on the panel of celebrities, but I also wonder what the tone of the show will be. The old one (the re-runs of which I used to watch on GSN, with some of my family) was pretty risqué for its time (the 70s), but depended a lot on insinuation and the double entendre. These days, it sometimes seems that almost nothing is off-limits, so I wonder how far the writers and panel will choose to go. Will the old formula translate well to a modern audience? Will they even try the old formula, or instead opt to push it right over the edge into raunch?

At any rate, at least this should be a departure from the usual game show fare of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? mimics. Donald is deeply annoyed by the fact that every new game show to come along has to have the same dramatic lighting and music-- and the same agonizingly "dragged-out" snail's pace. I'm not fond, myself, of the irritating "You'll have to wait until after the commercial to find out!" aspect. (g)

One other tidbit, which will only be amusing to the two or three of you who watch/have watched Mythbusters, but so be it. ;o) I found this on a blog earlier today, and since I don't think any of my known readers also read that blog, I thought I'd pass it along. It's originally from I Can Has Cheezburger?, which is a good place to satisfy your need for funny animal photos with creatively spelled captions. (g)

(I'm writing a lot about TV today, aren't I?)