Thursday, February 21, 2008

More widgets :o)

What a dreary, drippy day we're having!
How about a few widgets to cheer us up? ;o)

My first find is especially for the folks in Sweden, as it's only available in Swedish. DryckoMaten ("drink and food") helps you determine the "proper" alcoholic beverage to go with any proposed meal.

I don't drink alcohol, and I didn't grow up in a family where people regularly drank wine with meals, so the whole concept of certain drinks going with certain meals better than others is a bit foreign to me. I guess it makes sense, though. Just like the thought of drinking milk with some foods makes me ill. (g) Anyway, here's a link, if you're actually interested.


The Spelling Bee helps you check your spelling on words you're not sure about. I haven't tried it, but I think if it doesn't recognize a word, it suggests likely possibilities. Sounds like a pretty good idea, since most of us have certain words that we just never can seem to spell correctly. Even if we know that we have trouble with a given word, it's almost as though we're physically incapable of memorizing it. (Or maybe that's just me. (g))

However, these days, I don't think there are many programs I use that don't already have a built-in spell-check that offers suggestions for misspelled words. Maybe this widget will help for those unusual words that spell-checkers don't know.


Moody is a mood ring for your pc. "The results are based on a combination of factors, including your CPU utilization, your memory utilization, and (in the case of computers that have batteries) your battery life."

Here's a screen shot of my computer's mood ring:

(It doesn't have to be that big; I enlarged it so it would show in the photo.) Back then it was green, so I guess it was feeling "active, not under great stress". Now it's more blue-green, though, which indicates that the computer's "inner emotions are charged", though it's still "somewhat relaxed". All very good to know. ;o)

Oh, and that's another widget-- Nu Jongg-- in the background of that photo. There are sodoku and other game widgets, too, if you like that kind of thing.


The real reason I started looking into widgets was this little fella'-- the FD Flickr Uploader. If you have a Flickr account and update fairly regularly, you might be interested in something like this. :o)

Well, enough typing! Time to get up and move around. My fingers are freezing!