Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pesky Eskie

Pesky Eskie
Originally uploaded by MossyOwls

Here's a photo of my sweet pesky Eskie, to balance out my little rant. ;o)

Last night, while petting her, I discovered that she was no longer wearing her collar. She must have wriggled out of it, somehow. I'll have to look for it (and maybe put it on a little tighter next time). Even though our dogs are fenced, I like to have a way to quickly grab them if I need to, and the collar helps with that.

Poor Molly doesn't get photographed as much as Daisy. It's just so much more difficult to photograph a mostly black dog-- plus she doesn't sit still and look at the camera as much as Daisy does. . . Well, I have a feeling Molly doesn't know she's not photographed as much, nor would she be likely to care, even if she was aware of the fact. (g)