Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Content Courtesy of Google Analytics ;o)

Here are some things people have been looking for when they've found this blog:
  • slitherin snakes -- Two people came in on this one.
  • "patterns using towels"-- Yes, I'd noticed several people accessing this blog through that entry, since adding the Feedjit live traffic feed. I never knew that was such a popular craft!
  • "yes ma'am" -- See, people still say that, 1920's Etiquette Book Lady! ;o)
  • all knowing ipod meme -- Another one I've noticed on my Feedjit widget.
  • any colour you like, mid -- Looking for a midi file, I guess? Sorry, none here.
  • avila jennys meaning -- No idea. I've never paid much attention to the lyrics, before now.
  • baldwin and the whiffles sh-boom -- Fun song, isn't it?
  • curly sue soundtrack -- Several music-related hits, lately!
  • figuring out squares for rag quilt-- Depends on how big you want it to be and how "raggy" you want it. Most people figure in a half-inch seam allowance. If that's what you want, decide how big you want the finished quilt to be and how many squares you want (across and down). Divide the desired length and width by the number of squares you'd like to get the size of the finished (quilted and ragged) squares, then cut the squares one inch bigger (in width and length) than that. (That leaves 1/2 inch "spare" on all sides.) If you aren't too picky about the size of the finished quilt, I think it's a lot easier to work with even inches-- or half-inches, at least. When you get down to quarter inches, you're more likely to make a mistake on your calculating or cutting. Besides, one of the main attractions of rag quilts is that it's so quick and easy-- so why complicate matters? Don't forget to double the number of squares so you'll have enough for the front and the back. If they're using flannel and no batting, some people like to triple the number of squares to give the quilt a little more warmth and thickness. In that case, you'll probably want to use your cheapest (or your least favorite) flannel for the middle layer-- but keep in mind that the colors will show in the ragging.) Have fun! :o)
  • ipod imposter -- You have one, too? ;o)
  • kids vintage fashion pics -- (and more similar to this.) Sorry to disappoint.
  • movie that ends with gnossienne -- No idea, unless it was The Painted Veil, which was the movie I was writing about when I mentioned it. . .
  • nearsighted in one eye -- Well, I guess it's better than nearsighted in both eyes (like I am). (g)
  • odds on random things -- Like the odds of winning the lottery, getting struck by lighting, finding an honest politician, etc.? None of those here.
  • plastic ballerinas+cakedecorating -- I hope you liked the picture I found. (g)
  • pushing daisies retrospective -- I don't think I've written one. . .
  • random quizzes about cheese -- (laugh) Are there such things?
  • sunnyroad manasseh mix -- (multiple variants of this one.) It's a great mix. I wish it was on the original CD. . .
  • unique personality traits -- Plenty of those here. ;o)
  • what is the chance i have been abducted by aliens quiz -- Speaks for itself.
Maybe I ought to write about some of these things. I hate to think how disappointed these folks must've been once they got here. ;o)

Oh, I just realized that I was only looking at the keywords from the last month. (I thought there ought to be more of them!) I'll have to do another post looking back all the way to the beginning of the blog.

Other tidbits of the analytical type*:
  • 54% of pageviews are the "index"/main page/the page you get when you type in the URL.
  • 15% of pageviews are of the entry about "Sweden in 100 Little Pieces". (g)
  • 5% of pageviews are of the entry where I first mentioned rag quilting.
  • Pages of this site have been viewed 1,079 times, with 939 unique visits.
  • This blog has had 271 absolutely unique visitors.
  • Sixteen different languages are represented by this blog's visitors. (Of course, I think this is a bit skewed, as there are different categories for English, US English, and UK English, as well as two for Swedish, I think.)
  • Nearly 34% of my visitors have come here just one time. (Didn't like what they saw, I guess. Maybe they're the disgruntled readers looking for quizzes about cheese, etc. (g)) 12% have visited 26-50 times, and another 12% have read this blog 51-100 times. 5.5% of you have been here over 100 times.
  • If I understand the Visitor Loyalty report (which is a bit iffy, to tell the truth), that loyal 5.5% is made up of 44 individuals. That more than I would've thought!
  • Most of my traffic (74.9%) has come from referring sites (mainly mossyowls.com and blogger.com). The rest is fairly evenly divided between direct traffic (people typing in my URL or using a bookmark, etc.) and search engines.
  • Nearly 55% of visitors are using Internet Explorer, but 42% use Firefox. (We use Firefox. It was Donald's idea, and at first I was resistant, because I'm too lazy to learn new programs a creature of habit, but now that I'm adapted, I'm a faithful Firefox user.)
*All stats are based on the entire time I've had this blog-- since November of last year.

It's pretty amazing that you can have all these statistics (and more) for free! Just look up Google Analytics. (There are probably others out there, too, but that's the one I'm using.)