Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Keywords. . .

As I mentioned last time, there were more keywords / search terms that I didn't see when I started the last entry, so here's the second installment:
  • jeans quilt / jeans quilts / denim jean quilts / denium jeans quilt / jeans hobby /quilt out of jeans / etc.-- Seventeen visits from these. Seems like jeans quilts are a popular proposition!
  • hobby quilt
  • "new glasses"/ "new glasses" nearsighted
  • al roker use handsaw to save energy-- Two for this one. (g) I wonder if those visitors thought it was as ridiculous (and amusing) as I did. . .
  • motorized tree topper-- (g) Must've come from that story about Aunt Cathy's spooky angel tree-topper.
  • "in these days of indigestion"-- "it is oftentimes a question. . ." ;o) Three people looked for this. At least they must've found what they were looking for-- that poem.
  • "jane eyre"-- Of all the sites there must be out there that mention Jane Eyre, they clicked mine?!
  • "up on a rooftop", christmas song lyrics
  • baldwin county polymer clay -- Hm! I wonder if someone's thinking of starting up a local guild or something?
  • bronte or bront or brontë or brontes or brontës or "jane eyre" or "wuthering heights"-- Phew! What a mouthful!
  • chances odds abducted by aliens -- More aliens?!
  • children's books from the 80s about a bug family-- Doesn't ring any bells. . .
  • eye flick blood pressure-- . . .sounds scary!
  • flash back mids the 80s-- You too?? ;o)
  • grinch colored cookies and cake-- Yum yum. (?)
  • how to sew decorations on denim-- Pretty much the same way as you sew anything, I'd imagine. If you're using a machine, you may need to change to a different size needle. (Refer to your manual for more info.)
  • hunting land for sale in alabama-- Ok, which of you is planning on moving down here? ;o)
  • ich bin she-ra-- It was great, wasn't it?
  • i'm all knowing in song-- Personally, I know more in prose.
  • mrs. roper's poncho-- LOL!
  • quizzes to determine things-- Try blogthings.com for one source of pointless quizzes. Have fun!
  • random quiz cheese-- I didn't know you could make cheese out of. . . Ok, ok. That was a bad joke, even for me. ;o) But seriously, two people were looking for cheese quizzes. Now I'm curious. . .
  • random things to know about a person quiz-- Oh, is that kind of like that game we used to play at birthday parties? "Who Knows ______ the Best?" Everyone answer questions about the birthday girl/boy's favorite things, then whoever gets the most correct wins a prize.
  • really nearsighted-- I'm sorry. :o(
  • rifftrax-- Hope you enjoyed the YouTube video!
  • slitherin garter snake-- So much better than a slitherin rattlesnake!
  • sziklai pair-- . . . Huh? Oh, ok. That was from a wikipedia randomizer meme. 'Cause goodness knows I wouldn't be talking about a sziklai pair in my regular day-to-day blogging! (g)
  • winn-dixie-- I wondered when I ever wrote about Winn-Dixie, so I had to look it up. I was mentioning how I didn't like the WD version of Dr. Pepper. I hope I didn't hurt someone's feelings. ;o) How many pages of search results do you think they had to go through before they found that? (Well, maybe they were using a search engine just for blogs. . .)
And there you have it! (I left out some of the less interesting ones and about a bajillion "vintage children's clothes/books/photos" type things.) So, now I just have to wait a few more months to rack up a new batch of keywords. I know you'll be sitting on the edge of your seats until then. ;o)