Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The collar returneth.

Yesterday, I found Daisy's collar in the dogloo, but it took two separate tries. (Not sure where it was hiding the first time!) In between dogloo-ransacking, I'd very nearly convinced myself that I'd taken the collar off her myself and managed to forget all about it. (Obviously, I don't have enough faith in my own memory/sanity.)

She wasn't exactly thrilled when I first presented her with the recovered collar, but I think she's resigned herself to it. ;o)

(glances to the side)
Gah! She's spying on me through the atrium doors! She can look a little creepy when she's not smiling. . . I wonder if she knows I'm writing about her? ;o) Nah, she's just trying to guilt me into letting her inside, even though it's perfectly comfortable outside-- especially if you're wearing a thick fur coat (like she is).

So, anyway, at least now you can take comfort in the knowledge that this ferocious ear-nibbling, hand-licking fiend is back in her collar. ;o)