Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've never really gotten into the widget thing before. Oh, sure, I've dabbled. I have a couple of weather widgets-- my Flickr "badge"-- and a couple other things. But it wasn't until tonight that my eyes were truly opened to the vast and wonderful world of widgets. ;o)

LOST fans, check this out: There's a widget that simulates being the person stuck in the hatch, charged with the all-important job of typing in "those" numbers every 108 minutes.

It only accepts the numbers within four minutes of the "deadline"-- and if you miss it, there's supposedly a rather startling "Mission Failure" sound clip. (g) The only problem is that people are reporting problems with entering the numbers. Plus it must be really annoying, having to keep tabs on when you need to be back at the keyboard. Kind of like those little digital toys that were supposed to be "pets". You had to "feed" them or something, didn't you? I never understood the appeal of that-- maybe because they were popular with my youngest sister's age group and probably not aimed at teens. ;o) (Ah, they were called Tamagotchi, I guess.)

Anyway, I imagine you have to be a die-hard fan to willingly subject yourself to this type of thing.

. . . So, how many of you are gonna download it? ;o)