Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random thoughts-- Lost, music, barking

To explain the inconsistent references to time in this entry-- I wrote this on Friday, but held off posting it. (I thought I had more to say.)

I felt a bit confused by some aspects of last night's episode of Lost. Well, that's not so strange, perhaps ;o) -- but I mean more confused than usual. Like I'd missed an episode. Which it turns out I had. But thanks to the online episodes, I'm all caught up now.

Um, if you follow the show (or plan to) and aren't up to date on it, beware of the next bit.
It will contain. . .

So Alexis died last week, and I didn't even know it! I guess "they" think that as long as they continue to introduce new characters into the story, we viewers won't mind if they kill them off right and left. Personally, I'm getting tired of it. They've already killed some of the characters I liked best. Yes, it's a powerful plot device to take someone out just when we least expect it, but I think they run the risk of overusing that little trick.

I got the impression that we were supposed to be really touched, or something, that Kate and Jack were finally together, living a happy, normal life. But I didn't particularly care. I don't know what it is about those two, but I'm not especially rooting for them to "get together". In fact, I wouldn't mind if they went their separate ways. I think I'm actually more interested in the "bad guy" (Ben) than I am in Jack.

And remember the sinister warnings about Aaron before he was born? There seemed to be an insinuation that he was somehow evil or was possibly destined for some evil fate. I wonder when that will come back into play. . . Looked it up. People say that the psychic insisted that Claire must raise the baby herself to prevent danger. So maybe now that Kate has Aaron, bad things will begin to happen. (Well, like they haven't been happening all along. (g))

On a similar note, Walt demonstrated some strange psychic (?) abilities, but it's been a long time since there was any mention of that-- possibly because he's been off the island for a while. (Though I guess his occasional ghostly "appearances" could count as more recent bizarre phenomena, come to think of it. (g)) And now there's the new guy from the boat who is obviously psychic. . . not to mention the whole Jacob thing and the appearance of "ghosts" to Flashforward Hurley and Flashforward Jack. . .

## ## ##

While listening briefly to "regular radio" (i.e. not talk radio, which is almost the only thing I listen to on the radio, these days), "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie (?) came on. I've heard bits of it before, but not until today have I heard enough to realize that it is the most annoying song in the universe (for today, at least). The stupid lyrics-- the whiny tones of her voice-- just every little thing about it is ir-ri-tat-ing!

## ## ##

Why must Molly bark and bark and bark? After putting in a long night's work of barking, you'd think she'd be all barked out-- but no. She's become really bad about barking at night.

(I finally gave in and let her come in one night, when we were expecting bad weather. Needless to say, we're now back in the habit of letting her in every evening. At least it keeps her quiet at night. . .)