Tuesday, June 3, 2008

10 Ways the World Has Changed Since I Was in School

This week's prompt from Ten on Tuesday is "10 Ways the World Has Changed Since You’ve Been in School". I'm going to say that means "since I was in high school". I graduated in 1997, which already makes me feel a little frantic at the speedy passage of time. (I can only imagine what it'll feel like when it's been thirty or forty years since I graduated!)

10 Ways the World Has Changed Since I Was in School
  1. A new millennium has begun.
  2. "9/11" happened.
  3. The whole global warming thing has risen to hysteria levels.
  4. My area was hit by the worst hurricane (Ivan, 2004) since the one that hit the year of my birth (Frederic, 1979).
  5. Technology continues to improve. Flat screen TVs are becoming the norm, the iPod (launched in 2001) and similar devices are everywhere, and it is even possible to take photos and access the Internet on many cell phones.
  6. Almost everyone (including many children) has a cell phone, now.
  7. The issue of cloning has (temporarily) moved out of the limelight.
  8. Organically grown food is "all the rage", and some are willing to pay a hefty mark-up for everything "organic".
  9. Same-sex marriage has become legal in five countries since 2001.
  10. Public awareness of illegal aliens-- particularly the huge numbers entering the country through our border with Mexico-- has risen, but as yet, not much has been done to address the issue.
Those were the first to come to mind. I'm probably missing some of the biggies, though. . .