Monday, June 2, 2008

In which I turn "fashionista". . . Not! ;o)

(Forgive me for the "not". I just had a flashback to the 90s. . .)

Last night's dreams involved a woman who decorated/painted her house so it coordinated well with her personal coloring-- specifically, with her flame-red hair.

I wonder if anyone actually does that? I suppose it makes sense, in a way, but it still seems odd to me-- not to mention vain. Besides, I'd rather have colors that I like to look at-- which aren't always the ones that are most flattering for me to wear.

I remember that in one of the Anne books (I think), a character makes sure that the bed linens complement each guest's hair color and complexion. . . And Anne herself laments that she won't ever be able to wear pink (because she's a redhead). And then there's Pat, who can't wear. . . green, was it? (Must be time for a re-read, because I can't remember, exactly. (g)) Then there's the Little House books, in which Ma chooses which ribbons Laura and Mary wear based on their hair color.

Fortunately, I don't worry much about those types of things. ;o) I just wear any color I feel like wearing, as I think most of us do, these days. Of course, we may put less thought into the colors of our clothes because they're often cheap and nearly disposable. When someone from Laura's or Anne's time bought a dress (or fabric to make a dress), she knew she'd have to make it last for years, so naturally she gave it more thought than I do when I choose what color tee-shirt I want.

Yes, this was particularly pointless. (g)