Thursday, June 26, 2008


Donald's taking tomorrow off, so this is another "Friday" for us. :o) (He's taking a day here and there, this summer, to use up a reserve of off-time that would otherwise expire soon.)

** ** **

Tuesday evening, right before going to bed, I measured a hot dog pendant (sounds weird, I know (g)) so I could send all the information to the person who ordered it. Yesterday, when I woke in the morning, pretty much my first thought was, "I made a mistake when I measured that hot dog!" I checked, and I was right; just as I "knew" when I woke, I'd been off by a quarter of an inch.

I've always heard that when you sleep-- or just leave something for a while and return to it later-- you allow your brain time to work things out. Things like this have happened to me before, of course-- suddenly understanding how to do a math problem, for instance-- or waking up and realizing that I'd used the wrong spelling or even the wrong word in something I'd been writing-- but it's always a strange sensation.

These brains of ours are mysterious things!

** ** **

Still need to do something about those ground wasps. . . Maybe over the weekend.

** ** **

Molly has some weird little scabby things on her back. I'm not sure what they are. You don't see them so much as feel them when you pet her in that one spot. It's hard to get a good look at them, because she doesn't want to sit still when you start focusing on the area you really need to see. They're also difficult to see because they're kind of "under" her hair-- or her hair's growing through them. Since her hair is all still there, I don't think they're regular scabs. Maybe some type of skin problem-- excessive dandruff or even psoriasis. . .

(sigh) Even researching doggy maladies online depresses and worries me! I know better than to use the Internet to research my own aches, pains, and other physical complaints. Now I know I shouldn't research Molly's issues, either! (g) I'll just keep an eye on it for the time being. She is a cocker spaniel, after all, and I think they tend to have skin problems.