Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Couple of Links

Link #1:

(If you're family, you've already seen this one.)

My mother sent us this link a few days ago. It's a video taken by someone walking a very scary, dilapidated trail called "El Camino del Rey"-- somewhere in Spain. I can't imagine walking this trail willingly!

Link #2:

I frequently visit (especially in summer) to check out the local radar. It's very useful for seeing exactly where that rumble of thunder is coming from and whether or not it's headed your way. It even predicts the likelihood of hail from specific storms. (Not sure how accurate it is, though.) You can zoom in pretty close to your exact location-- or of course get a wider view. (I think this kind of thing is available at the local news channels' websites, these days, but by now, I'm used to Wunderground. . .)

Well, Donald recently discovered something called WunderMap. Basically, it's radar on top of GoogleMaps. The map also displays temperatures from various reporting stations. I think I prefer the "classic" radar (g), but this might be fun to play around with, too.