Monday, July 7, 2008


And now I shall treat you to grumpiness, followed by a petulant outburst.
Please do us all a favor and skip this one. ;o)

It's amazing how a pretty decent mood can be ruined with just one or two little things. (sigh)

One of the "little things" is so little that it's not even worth mentioning-- especially since the "perpetrator" may happen to read this. Unlikely, but you never know. Besides, like I said, it's a little thing.

The other is a not-so-little thing-- a political thing-- some weird thing I just happened across that suggests that because of our nation's fiscal irresponsibility, the country could "go into foreclosure". Now, I'm not saying that I think that's actually going to happen, but my defenses were already down, and it managed to put a damper on my mood.

Politicians! Bloggers (in general)!
Stupid people in a stupid world, squabbling over idiotic nonsense.
Why can't they all be perfect, like me? ;o)

Ok, I'm feeling a little better, after that. (g)
Now just a little dish washing to seal the deal. . . ;o)