Monday, July 7, 2008

Happiness (this evening) is. . .

Happiness (this evening) is. . .
  • A Molly-dog jumping two or three feet into the air to pop soap bubbles.
  • Red beans and rice simmering on the stove, wafting a pleasantly spicy aroma my direction.
  • The soft glow of a summer evening lighting up the house from every window. (No electricity necessary.)
  • A/C and ceiling fans keeping the house at a comfortable 81 degrees.
  • Freshly-washed dishes dripping dry by the kitchen sink.
  • The familiar whistled melody of The Andy Griffith Show on the television.
  • Leisurely adding to my grocery list (with visions of yummy Santa Fe Stew dancing through my head).
  • Looking forward to supper with a companionable companion.
Ah. . . :o)