Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fabric Designs

I read this morning about a place that prints fabric with patterns of your own design. The cost is prohibitive, of course. It's supposed to get cheaper with time, but I have a feeling that their idea of cheaper is my idea of no-way-not-happening. ;o) Still, it's pretty neat that the option is even out there.

So then I started looking around at the fabric pattern designs people have posted on Flickr. I'm loving the retro patterns, especially, but I can't help wondering how long those retro looks will be "Oh, cool! It's so retro! This is exactly like the wallpaper I remember from my grandma's 50's-era kitchen!" and transform back into "Ugh! I hate those colors! They're so out-dated! They look. . . old!"

Nothing so fickle as fashion, right?

This was pointless, but oh well. (g)