Monday, August 11, 2008

Introducing Trixie :o)

Yes, the puppy has a name! You can finally stop sitting on the edge of your seat. ;o)

We started out with quite a list of possibilities, then narrowed it down the three: Trixie/Trixy, Pippi, and Kismet.

We thought of "Kismet" almost immediately, and I kept returning to it in favor of other names. I still really do like the name, but in the end, we felt that it simply didn't roll off our tongues the way we wanted.

"Pippi" would've been a nice nod to the Swedish element of our lives. (Pippi Longstocking is a classic character in Swedish literature.) However, the English and Swedish pronunciations are slightly different, and we finally decided that we favored "Trixie".

Then we went back and forth over the spelling! (g) "Trixie" or "Trixy"? I wasn't terribly thrilled by some of the slang definitions for "Trixie" that we found online, but by then we'd pretty much settled on some spelling of that name, so I'll just try to forget those mild annoyances. (Should be easy enough. I manage to forget so many things without even trying, after all!)

Anyway, as I said, there was much going back and forth about spelling, but I think we've finally decided to stick with "Trixie". It's more common than "Trixy"-- not a selling point, from our perspectives-- but we feel it just looks nicer on paper (or in pixels). So "Trixie" it is!

I think "Trixie/Trixy" and "Pippi" would both suit her equally well, as she is now. Her personality may mellow as she ages, but so far, she's been growing in the other direction, showing more spirit and spunk every day.

In fact, I think we may have our hands full with this one!

All this fuss over naming a dog! (g)