Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Very Scary Hairbrush!

My hairbrush broke this morning after years of use, so I've added "hairbrush" to my ever-growing shopping list.

I decided to see what the all-knowing Internet had to say on the subject of hairbrushes. In the past, I've mostly just bought one that looked nice and was in my price range, but I figured I'd put a little more thought into it this time-- see if there's a real reason why they make them in so many shapes, other than pure aesthetics. ;o)

After discovering that there's a hairbrush for every possible hairdresser's whim, I wandered over into pages about how to clean hairbrushes, and it was there that I learned that hairbrushes are yet another hidden threat to our precarious health. (g)

Did you know that you're not supposed to use a hairbrush for more than a year? According to some people, at least. Probably the same ones who say you should replace your pillows every six months.

I just got a chill. I've been using that same hairbrush since I don't know when. . . And our pillows. . . (shudder) ;o)

Good grief!
If you want a new hairbrush every year, ok, it's your cash going down the tube-- but please don't insult my intelligence by suggesting that they need to be replaced that often.

Whatever happened to just giving things a good washing when they got dirty?