Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Little Trixie Pupdate

She's still growing. (g)

She's still not house-trained, but that's more my fault than hers. So far, it's just been easier to clean up after her than to try to teach her where to go. Though today, when we tried to get her to "go" while we were outside (so we could ooh and ahh and plant the seed of knowledge, etc.), she stubbornly refused, even though we both walked in little circles while I said (in a sing-song voice) "toilet! toilet!". You may laugh, but I've read that it works-- and it has worked-- inside the house. Just seeing someone else walking in a circle seems to make puppies think, "Oh, yeah! That reminds me, I really need to go potty right now." Something along the lines of the "contagious yawn" theory. ;o)

Her coloring continues to gradually change. The freckles on her toes getting darker, and she may be getting a couple of new freckles on her snout. Also, some of the fur around her ears and face is now more of a biscuit cream color than a pure white. Daisy was all white (as far as we can recall-- except for those times she was getting a little dirty, of course), and I think Skipper is pure white, too-- but we knew that biscuit cream fur was a possibility with Eskies. Funny, though, how the biscuit color didn't become obvious until she'd gotten a little older.

I need to take more photos, as I'm sure she's changing day-to-day. I also want to put together some photos for comparison purposes. Who has time for laundry and general house-cleaning when there are such more important things to be done?! ;o)