Monday, September 1, 2008

Wet & windy, but not too wild.

The feeder bands we got from Gustav haven't caused us much trouble. Sure, it's been pretty rainy and windier than usual, but that's about it. So far, the worst Gustav's done to us is make us a little bit sleepy all day, what with the rain and general dreariness. We've had barely any thunder and the power never even flickered (though the Internet is a bit sluggish right now, for some reason). All in all, we've gotten much worse than this from run-of-the-mill afternoon thunderstorms. (That's not to say that other people in the area haven't had some damage, of course.)

Now I'm just wondering how folks west of us have fared. . . I'm sure it wasn't quite so easy for some of them, but I've yet to check the news. The last time we had our local TV news on, some of the anchors were being irritating-- basically making a mountain out of a molehill-- talking about danger on the roads when the video clearly showed that the roads aren't any worse than they usually are after a rainy day. When things aren't truly bad, they have to make them out to be worse than they are. It's embarrassing.

But anyway, I'm glad to report that we're all fine, here. :o)