Monday, September 22, 2008

Wasting a little time. . .

I'm typing so that I have an excuse for not washing dishes right away. ;o) Let's see if I can come up with enough to justify posting. . .

~~ ~~ ~~

Today was Donald's first day of (non-freelance) work at home. He did go into town for a couple hours this morning, but most of the day's been work-from-home. Because this was the first day-- and because there's still a certain unsettled tentativeness to arrangements-- it's obviously too early to make many observations. However, I don't think I can go wrong by stating that not having to wake up at 6 a.m. every weekday is nice. (We set the alarm for 6:55, and I almost made it. I ended up getting up a few minutes before that.)

~~ ~~ ~~

Donald's gotten into a routine of running, over the past several weeks.

When one half of a couple decides to get into better health by exercising, the other half is probably always somewhat torn. On one hand, you're happy that he's doing something good for himself. On the other hand, it brings into sharper focus the uncomfortable fact that you're not doing enough of that, yourself. (g)

You won't catch me running long distances without a very good reason. I can handle sprinting short distances-- or walking longer distances-- but running miles at a time? I can't see myself doing it for the long haul, unless my very life depended on it. (And even then, I think someone would have to keep reminding me: "Hey, you! Yeah, you with the candy bar in one hand and the remote control in the other. Get out there and run or you die!") So many runners say that they never thought they'd last, in the beginning, but now they look forward to it-- can't imagine life without it. (Obviously, running messes with your brain. ;o)) Maybe I'd love running, too, if I ever got into it, but right now, I find it extremely doubtful. Extremely.

(Back again after a while. I'm kind of disoriented, as far as this entry goes, but I'm going to finish it anyway!)

So, I don't want to run, but I would like to find something I can do instead. Preferably something that doesn't feel like a punishment (though that may be asking too much). I think I'd like dancing (in the privacy of my home). . . Maybe a type of aerobics that incorporates dance moves-- or at least can be set to music with a decent beat. Just something to make exercise a little more interesting than "get from Point A to Point B in X minutes".

This morning I spent some time on the stationary bike. At first, I tried reading, but it wasn't enough of a distraction. I kept wanting to either put the book down or just be still so I could focus on the words in front of me. Maybe the fact that I was starting a new book-- still trying to tack down the basics of who's who-- made things worse, but I'm not sure I can focus on a book while I'm biking, even under better circumstances. Finally I just switched on the TV and watched the antics of the Cosby family. TV's a pretty good distraction. Music can be, too, but it has to be the right kind. . . Books on tape might work, if I can keep focused on what's happening.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

~~ ~~ ~~

So, if I got up 45 minutes or so later than usual (for a Monday morning), how come I'm sleepy earlier than normal, tonight?