Sunday, October 26, 2008

Everything's Connected. . .

Everything-- and everyone.

Tonight, Donald and I were catching up on the last episode of Pushing Daisies, which we missed during the week. There was a reference to "shoofly pie", which instantly brought back memories of a particular book Mom used to read to us when I was a kid. I couldn't remember the name of the book, but I typed a few carefully chosen words into Google, and up popped a link to this blog entry featuring the book, which is titled McBroom's Ghost. (Remember it, Mom? Carrie? Kimberly?) And you know what's really funny (to me, at least)? That blogger wrote about the book only four days ago! And it's not even that well-known of a book, as far as I can tell. Well, ok, it's still in print, but the illustration she included is from the older edition of the book, so it's the one that I remember. :o)

It never ceases to amaze me, what you can find in five or ten minutes on the Internet. Incredible!