Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weird Al's been spyin' on me again. . .

I'm writing this partly just to get my "please don't vote" public service message one slot further down the page. I still stand by my stated opinion that not everyone ought to vote, but-- you've already read about that, so let's move on to the next thing. (g)

Next thing is. . . Last night Donald introduced me to Weird Al's latest single, "Whatever You Like". Have you given it a listen? (Older relatives or others who may not know who this Weird Al person is: He takes "real" songs and parodies them by setting his own amusing lyrics to the same tune.) Here's a YouTube video, if you're interested:

(You can see the lyrics, if you're having trouble understanding them, by visiting the page and clicking "more info".)

As a proud practitioner of thrift (though certainly not the most frugal person I know of), I find this absolutely hilarious.

(However, it's still not quite as funny as "White & Nerdy".)

Dear Me,

In future, please be so kind as to make sure you have the title of the song right before publishing to the WWW. I've just had to edit this thing twice (from "Whatever You Want" to "Whatever You Like" to "Anything You Like"). This is time-consuming, not to mention embarrassing. What will your RSS-feed readers think? (Do you get sent yet another copy of this post every time I edit? I'm not sure. . .) Anyway, thank you for keeping this in mind as you continue to write informative, life-altering blog entries such as this one.

Most sincerely,