Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Take Action Now!!

(Oops! I accidentally published this prematurely-- hit the wrong key in my fit of righteous outrage, I guess. Sorry about that!)

Have you heard about how Starbucks is wasting 23 million liters of water, everyday?

In light of this news, I've decided to post something that I might not have, otherwise. However, I think it's worthwhile to bring this important issue to the attention of as many people as possible. If you agree, please feel free to forward it to everyone you know.

Topsoil in Trouble!!

According to the Almanac of the Environment (information published by the National Audubon Society in 1994), the world loses 7% of its topsoil every ten years due to human impact, and it takes 1,000 years to produce one inch of topsoil. At this rate of depletion, there will be only about 1/32 of an inch or topsoil left by the year of 2020!

This problem is magnified by the onslaught of Global Warming!

Consider: As temperatures rise, water evaporates more quickly. As water evaporates from soil, soil dries to a dusty consistency, at which point it is easily blown away. Experts warn that with every 1°F rise in the temperature, relative dustiness increases by 30%, leading not only to a serious shortage of topsoil, but also to dirtier, dustier cars, which in turn causes environmentally challenged car owners to wash their vehicles more often, thus wasting more water.

However, as dire as the situation is, there are things YOU can do to make a difference in the world today!! The Coalition for the Rights, Advancement, and Protection of Soil (C.R.A.P.S.) suggests that concerned individuals take the following measures to preserve this inestimable resource:
  • Wash vegetables outside, where the residual soil can be gently returned to the Earth. (Every year, millions of pounds of precious soil are washed down drainage pipes, never to be seen again!!)
  • Don't throw away valuable soil after sweeping the floor! Instead, release it outdoors.
  • Carefully shake soil from welcome mats in a safe spot outside.
  • When emptying your vacuum cleaner's bag or cup, liberate the soil particles outdoors.
  • When you are particularly dirty (such as after gardening, or for children, after playing in the mud), shower (Briefly! Remember, we must all conserve water, too!!) under the garden hose, outside. (Think of all the soil you'd otherwise be washing down the bath drain!)
You may have noticed that those were all preventative measures aimed at avoiding the throwing away of perfectly good dirt. But in order to prove that you're an even more enlightened being, consider taking things a step further:

Help build up the soil!
The Society for the Nourishment and Invigoration of Dirt and Earth (S.N.I.D.E.) says that Mother Earth needs our help! It takes her 1,000 years to make an inch of topsoil, but with all of us working together, we can bring that number down! Build up your local soil by starting a grassroots effort to "Save the Planet"!

You can rebuild the soil with shredded paper, lint from clothes dryers, dust bunnies, hair trimmings, nail trimmings (from fingers or toes), rags, used tissue, cigarette butts, gum wrappers and more! Contact your local chapter of S.N.I.D.E. for detailed information about how you can help feed the earth!

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely going to take this advice to heart. I mean, just think about it. . . If the soil keeps disappearing like this, not only will there be crop shortages, but sooner or later there won't be anywhere left for us to build houses or shopping malls. . . It's pretty serious.

Anyway, back to regular subject matter, next post! ;o)