Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kind of Negative Today, I'm Afraid. . .

As for the election, the less said, the better, lest I make myself sick. :o)

At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that the majority of the people living around me-- well, make that of the voters living around me-- are of a similar mind, politically speaking. Seventy-six percent of voters in my county tried to elect McCain (according to what polls say at the moment, at least). That truly does make me feel somewhat better. In my online life, since I haven't actively sought out blogs and friends on a political basis, I often feel overwhelmed by liberal viewpoints. I mean no offense to anyone in particular-- and of course if I'm upset, it's up to me to just take an Internet vacation-- but does get old after a while to be surrounded by people whose opinions (on certain issues) are so diametrically opposed to my own.

Oh, and one more thing. Yesterday morning, one channel's local news show (and I have a feeling it was a common occurrence across the country) featured an interview with a woman who'd been waiting at her polling place since some ridiculous hour of the morning-- 2 or 4 a.m., I think. She explained that she wanted to "make sure her vote would count". What? Does she think voting is like a Black Friday sale with a limited number of ballots in stock? "Oh, I'm sorry, but we're all out. You shoulda come earlier. Better luck next time!" Ugh. Look, lady, my vote at 9:something in the morning counted just as much as yours, no matter how long you waited in (a nonexistent) line. In fact, I could've waited around and been the last person to vote, and my vote would still have been worth as much as yours. Please get over yourself just the tiniest bit. Please?

On to the next thing!

*** *** ***

This morning, I was researching some medication-- trying to see if the one we get from the local pharmacy is the same one offered at Walmart for $4 . One of my top results had this "teaser" under the link in Google: "He wrapped his arms around me, diclofenac drawing me close. ... Desire, he called it, diclofenac sod 75mg maybe it was. But only you are laughing to..."

Mm-hmm. . . Yeah. . . Weird. I guess this is just one of those sites that pretends to be about everything, trying to lure you in for some nefarious purpose or other. Still, pretty exceptionally weird, I thought.

*** *** ***

Oh my gosh. . .

If you want to be weirded out and. . . well, honestly scared by some people's taste for conspiracy theories, google "FEMA coffins" and see what you get. (There are some videos on YouTube that are beyond belief.) Apparently, FEMA (headed by the evil George W. Bush-- member of the sinister Illuminati) plans to execute 90% of the U.S. population and crush the rest of us under the iron fist of martial law. (rolls eyes) Excuse me if I'm more worried over about a zillion other more likely Worst Case Scenarios.

It's sickening that the same idiots who believe this stuff are the ones that FEMA shovels out the money for at the slightest provocation. Yeah, I'm afraid of FEMA-- afraid that it's letting the undeserving dupe it out of months of free meals and hotel stays-- not to mention all the other ways it wastes the tax-payers' hard-earned cash.

By the way-- assuming that these black plastic bins are tied to FEMA at all and that they are intended to hold bodies (both of which appear to have been proven false), doesn't it seem more likely that they'd be placed around the country in preparation for a major disaster? I mean, that's what FEMA's there for-- to help restore order after a big problem, and big problems have the potential to kill lots of people at one time.

But these people don't want to hear a logical explanation. Not really. Some folks are just convinced that the whole world is out to get them-- and they seem to like it that way. (Same mentality as married couples who are happier when they bicker than they are when they get along nicely. I guess they feel that life is more exciting when lived on the brink of a catastrophe (even an imagined one). That's probably also why some people insist on risky behavior-- drug-use, for instance, or even something more socially acceptable, like living beyond their means. . . Personally, I just throw the occasional temper tantrum and over-indulge in junk food. ;o) (And procrastinate. . .)

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Speaking of FEMA waste, prepare to be infuriated:

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This has been just one negative thing after another, hasn't it? Sorry about that. I'll be on the look-out for something fun for next time.