Monday, December 29, 2008

Vacuum Belts, Swedish Candy, and Whoppers

I was right in the middle of vacuuming when I noticed a smell of burnt rubber and saw that the roller brush wasn't moving. I had a hunch the belt had snapped-- one that turned out to be correct. Donald thinks it may have gotten caught on something and burnt through from the friction. I'm not sure what happened, but at least it looks like we'll be able to get a replacement part at Lowe's for a little over a dollar per replacement belt (in a 2-pack).

I'm a bit annoyed that we're having to make any repairs this early in our ownership of this particular vacuum, but at least it's a cheap repair, and one that shouldn't be too difficult.


A Christmas package from Sweden arrived today. (Thank you, everyone!) Donald should be all set for Swedish candy for quite some time to come. (g)

Gelé Hallon:
(These are raspberry-flavored gummy candies. Hallon = raspberry.)

Many, many Bilar:
(These are chewy, car-shaped candies-- Donald's favorite.)

There were also a selection of Marabou chocolate bars. One in particular intrigues me:

Marabou Amigo. "Crunchy corn snacks". Judging by the illustration, there are bits of Bugle-esque corn-flavored "chips" embedded in the chocolate. I've never heard of such a thing. I wonder how it'll taste. . .


Speaking of candy. . . "Santa" brought me some Whoppers (malted milk balls). I'm proud to say that I've held off opening them until this afternoon. (Of course this monumental display of self-control had nothing to do with the fact that there were various and sundry other holiday treats scattered through the house. No, nothing at all to do with that.)

Anyway, I came across one that was soft in the middle. If you've eaten these candies, you know what I mean. Usually, they're crisp-- even sharp-- in the center, but there are usually two or three in a carton that are chewy in the middle. Still tasty, but not an ideal milk ball. They're duds. So then I wondered if that was the origin of the Milk Dud. As it turns out, probably not-- at least not according to anything I was able to find with a quick Google search. (I haven't eaten Milk Duds in a very long time. Maybe they taste nothing like the Whoppers "duds".)

So, while I was doing "research" for information to back up my very interesting Whoppers/Milk Duds theory, I came across some people commenting on how horrible Whoppers are-- and a few who like the candy, but could only eat a few before feeling sick. I imagine it means I lack empathy or something equally awful, but I still find it amazing that there are people with such different tastes from my own. I mean, yes, technically I realize that there are weirdos out there who actually enjoy Julmust. There are even a few poor souls who prefer the lemon-flavored Starburst candies to the cherry ones-- and people who (shudder) don't like any cherry-flavored candy. (Seriously. How do they summon the will to get out of bed in the morning?) I guess I just prefer not to dwell on the darker side of life. ;o)

Was there a point to all this? No, not really. (You're welcome.) Maybe I was just looking for an excuse to include this question I found on Yahoo! Answers:

Yes, Random Stranger, it's ok. (Just wait until no-one's looking.)