Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Random Stuff

Ew. I think I found a tick on Trixie today, while petting her on the couch. (I didn't dare give it a close inspection, but I'm pretty sure it was a tick.) It wasn't attached, so I was able to easily grab a paper napkin, pluck it off her back, and squash it-- but now I feel a bit squeamish about the possibility of other ticks left on the couch. . . or on me. (nearly faints) Ugh! Well, that's enough! (No, it's not the first one we've seen in the past month or two.) The dogs will be getting their (overdue) flea/tick-prevention treatment, pronto.

-- -- -- -- --

I've been re-watching North & South, and it turns out that it, too, was better than I'd remembered. The "social issue" aspect wasn't as overbearing as I'd recalled and the heroine not quite so annoying, either. (She's no Jane Eyre, but I can make it through the miniseries without throwing things at the TV.)

Side Note: So many of these well-made period miniseries have such wonderful soundtracks-- but they seem rarely to be available on CD (or even download online). I'd love to have the music from Jane Eyre (2oo6 version), Wives and Daughters, and North & South, to name just a few, and I know (from what I've read while looking for these soundtracks) that I'm not the only one interested. It seems like a wasted opportunity for these composers.

-- -- -- -- --

While amusing ourselves with silly things on the Internet, we came across a song by a Swedish girlband known as "Troll". Donald remembers this one, but I don't. Maybe it didn't make it as big in the US. . . Anyway, the name of the 1989 hit is "Jimmy Dean". Because of presence of the words "jacket", "car", and "movie star" in the lyrics, I'm thinking the reference is probably to James Dean-- not the guy responsible for Jimmy Dean sausages-- but it still makes me laugh. (Actually, I'd probably like the song better if it had been written with the sausage guy in mind. I've never really understood the fascination with James Dean-- I'm not that interested in the Kennedy clan, either. . . Must be something wrong with me.)

Oh. Now I see the picture of James Dean at the beginning of the video, so yeah, I guess that leaves no doubt: This song was not about the breakfast sausage guy.

So disappointing. ;o)

-- -- -- -- --

Yesterday, Donald noticed a typo on a receipt he got from a store one of his former co-workers described as "the ghetto Wal-Mart": "Mobile" was spelled "Moblie" at the top of the receipt. That's pretty bad, misspelling the name of your own city!