Friday, March 20, 2009

Not to Be Stopped by Lack of Topic!

I feel like it's time to post here, again, but I'm not really sure what to post about, today.

I've been listening to talk radio and watching some political news (after something of a break from both), but what can I say about that? Maybe "I told you so" (though that doesn't make a lot of sense, here, because most of the people I think read this blog are probably more or less of a similar mind, politically speaking). "Oh, crap" might sum things up, with a dash of "I really want to strangle someone right now"-- or, ok, more than just a dash, and more than just one someone. . . So the least written on that subject, the better.

I could write about our weather-- how it's been so warm lately (mid-to-upper 70s)-- but many of you experience the same weather I do, and those who live in colder climates might not appreciate the rubbing in of the early Alabama springtime. (Don't worry, though; while you're basking in perfect weather this summer, we'll be breathless and miserable with high 90s and unbelievable humidity.) Besides, we're all supposed to find weather horribly dull. That's what They keep implying, anyway, but honestly, often I'd much rather hear about weather than the other news of the world and the complicated messes of life. And weather is interesting, doggonit! Or maybe it's just me, and Donald's right that I should've been a meteorologist. ;o) Anyway, I've always heard it takes a lot of advanced math to be a "real" meteorologist-- so I'll just have to settle for boring people with my weather-related chit-chat.

Maybe I could tell you what Trixie's been up to, lately-- only there's not much to tell, and you're probably sick of hearing about her, anyway. One note about her, though: Evidently our efforts to socialize her as a puppy have paid off. That, or her personality is just different from Molly's and Daisy's. You see, Trixie is fine around our house guest. A little rambunctious, maybe, and a little nervous (at first), but she's pretty much ready to be best friends forever. Daisy was never this comfortable around our guests (beyond maybe a few that she met when she was a puppy, and fairly regularly after that), and Molly-- well, Molly just really doesn't trust "strangers" at all. I'm confident that eventually, she'd come around and make friends, but it would take a long time (longer than our guests are usually here for) and plenty of patience. (Poor Molly. I'm sorry we didn't socialize you properly, little girl. I just didn't know better, back then!)

Well, at least I can write that I've finally finished sewing that second rag quilt. I mentioned before how I was almost finished with it, only to discover at the last minute that I'd have to rip and re-sew some seams. It was annoying to have to backtrack like that, but I think it was worth it. Now the pattern (on the back) is as originally intended, and I'm well into the snipping phase. It's always exciting when you get to this point! I'm looking forward to getting it fully snipped, washed, and "ragged" so I can see what the final effect is.

When I was sketching out my idea for the quilt, I knew it reminded me of something, but I wasn't sure what. I finally realized that I was thinking of a set in the 2006 version of Jane Eyre. In the scene where Jane goes to meet Mr. Rochester for the first time (formally), there are these mullioned windows in the background, and the little diamond-shaped panes look like a random selection of blues and greys. (Can you tell I've seen this series more than a few times? (g)) The quilt (on paper) reminded me of those windows. I think the actual quilt looks less like the windows than my sketch did, but still... I've "had a thing" for unusual windows for many years, so I kind of like thinking of this as my "Jane Eyre Window Quilt".

At this point, the skillful blogger wraps the post up and ties it off with a nice little bow, but I can't seem to locate any ribbon nearby... Will this scrap of thread I just found in my hair do? (Snipping rag quilts is messy! All those loose bits of thread!)