Monday, March 16, 2009

"Past Few Days" List

(Now with bullet points!)

Over the past few days:
  • Rain.
  • More rain. (Supposed to dry out for a while, by tomorrow.)
  • Planted three blueberry bushes. (Premier, Sharpblue, and Climax)
  • Discussed where to plant satsuma trees. (Brown's Select and Owari)
  • Donald has killed ten (or more?) carpenter bees by our kitchen door. There are still more of them!
  • No more "cass-uh-roe", but this time it was "tater tart casserole" (instead of "tater tot casserole").
  • Someone else in the household may have referred to "megapickles" (megapixels), but it was clearly just a slip of the tongue. There's no way she thought that was the actual word. ;o) (But seriously. I may not be a techno-know-it-all, but I do know it's not "megapickles".)
  • Rearranging some computer stuff. Still a few issues to work out, but the computer situation is mostly much better than it was this time last week.
  • Trixie's been enjoying a new food cube toy.
  • Speed-cleaning videos on Vimeo. Two of 'em. One for each of us. (Go watch them now. You know you want to. (g))
And coming up this week, we're expecting a house guest sometime early this week (maybe today).