Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Political Ranting (Lite) & Suchlike

The big local news yesterday: Mardi Gras throws insult Pres. Obama. If you don't care to read or watch the story, here's the gist. A woman says that one Mardi Gras organization threw bumper stickers during a parade. The stickers are solid black, with a large "O" and a single profane word. (It's the "s-word", I think-- based on a similar sticker I found online-- but for some reason the news people decided to replace it with a cartoony "faux swear"-- $%?&-- instead of just blurring the offensive word.) The sticker's design resembles that "W" tag people were using a few years ago (in reference to George W. Bush), so it's obviously a political commentary aimed at Obama.

Apparently this goes against the policies of that particular parade-- and I have to agree that it wasn't the best time or place to distribute them. Also, I can understand people not wanting their kids to pick one of these up. I can hear it now. . . "S**t. . . S**t. . . Mommy, what's 's**t' mean?" (However, you know that many of those kids probably hear worse than that on TV or when Daddy gets cut off in traffic.) But still. I'm sorry, but I have to roll my eyes over this one! (Poor eyeballs. They're going to be completely worn out over the next few years.)

In related news. . .
I was minding my own business on some website or other, when I noticed this ad:

The "clever" tee-shirt asks: "Do you smell what Barack is cookin?"

Answer: Why, yes, in fact I do, and it smells to high heaven.

Ha ha. Ok, so this computer is presently infected with some annoying little bug (that I'm sure Donald can fix, but I'm not going to risk making the computer explode before he gets a chance to look at it) that, when you click a link, takes you one step past that website, to some type of advertisy/buy-this-now website-- usually with content related to whatever you were searching for in the first place. (It can be pretty irritating-- especially when the page refuses to let you use the "back" button.) Well, this time, when I clicked a link related to "Do you smell what Barack is cookin'?" it took me to an coupon for Glade air fresheners. LOL! (Well, it made me laugh. . .) The country may be going to Hades in a handbasket, but by golly, we're gonna smell good in the meantime!