Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Bullet Points

Things, lately:
  • As you'll know if you read my "tweets" on Twitter, our water pump stopped working last week. Thursday morning, I think it was. The repairman couldn't make it here until Friday morning, so we just had to make do until then. Fortunately, we had a little water stored, and my maternal grandparents live near enough that it was easy to go fill a few more containers. The repairman came early Friday, so we weren't without for long, but it was long enough to remind us of how much we take it for granted. I never realize how often I wash my hands until the water's off. It's so much more trouble when you can only use one hand at a time (because the other's busy pouring water).
  • Trixie may have solved the horse chestnut dilemma for us. I knew that she'd broken a couple of the saplings, the day I got them. I'd put them in the wheelbarrow with some water, not thinking she could reach them in there-- but she did, and she'd messed with two or three before I realized it. It turns out that those just happened to be the Chinese horse chestnuts. One of them may still be ok, but otherwise, we'll just have to look into buying one.
  • We're also thinking about getting a blueberry bush or two, and maybe another satsuma. We'll have to figure out where's the best place around here to shop for fruit trees/shrubs. . .
  • We had some very windy weather, recently. Evidently it was windy enough to blow a scrubber (the "plastic steel wool" kind) off our grill, because yesterday afternoon I spied Trixie chewing on it. I got it from her easily enough, but I couldn't tell for certain if she'd eaten any of it. Crazy dog! If there is anything that she can possibly get into, she'll find a way. I really, really hope she calms down a little more with age.
  • Over the weekend, we watched the Rifftrax version of "The Star Wars Holiday Special". I knew it would be odd, but the reality of it was far more bizarre than I'd ever imagined. Absolutely awful! I can't see how anyone could have thought it was a good idea. I'd try to explain how weird it is, but once I got started I wouldn't be able to stop, and it'd take too long. If you're really that interested, you'll just have to go find it to watch for yourself. (g)
Of course, one or two other things have happened, too, but I don't think any of it was much more interesting than what's listed above. At least there's something non-political at the top of my blog, now. ;o)