Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"There's nothin' but videos here anymore!"

Yeah, sorry about that. One of these days, I'll probably write something more than video intros and outraged political snippets. Most likely. ;o)

In the meantime. . . Did you notice that I made some more videos? (g) Thumbnails for the three more recent are over there on the right-hand side of the screen (under "Most Recent Videos @ Vimeo").

I finally managed to render a second video of storm damage (from that particularly vicious storm we had in late March), and there are now three videos of Trixie playing with soap bubbles. Oh, and there's also one (still in queue, waiting to be "converted") where I strung together little bits we videoed* the last time we were in Fairhope (April 15th). So, that should keep you busy for a few minutes. ;o)

*"Videoed" looks distinctly wrong. What's a better alternative, though? "Video'd"? No... "Videoed" it is, then. Though, looking at the definition of "video", it seems that-- technically-- it might be the wrong verb to use, anyway. I guess I could write that I'm "recording" something. That's fine, but after a while, you begin to wish you had another word to spice things up a little. "Filming" would work, too, except that I'm not using film. It's digital. "I created a digital record of the moving image of Trixie popping bubbles." . . .Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone and just write "videoed".