Sunday, June 28, 2009

She's Made It!

Trixie's hit the big time! She made it to the front page of Loldogs!! (g)

I submitted a captioned photo a while (two or three weeks?) ago, but had pretty much given up hope of it ever getting enough votes to make it to the main page. (I don't know how long that usually takes...)

Then, last night, as we were checking out our "funnies" (Engrish, Loldogs, Lolcats, FailBlog, etc.), I recognized one of the dogs. ;o)

Granted, it's not the version with the caption I submitted-- the idea for which Donald suggested. (If you're familiar with Loldogs/Lolcats, you know that-- unless you specify otherwise-- anyone who signs up is able to caption your photo and receive votes on it.) Still, it's pretty neat seeing a picture of one of our dogs on such a popular website!